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The Essential Cosmetic Surgery Companion
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Non-Surgical, Permanent Revision Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Many first nose jobs often come back to haunt patients because the nose is just unpleasing.

According to the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (AAFPRS) anywhere from 20 to 25 percent of original rhinoplasties are muffed. Why? It's a very, very difficult surgery to learn and master.

That sends a high percentage of patients in search of a second (or, revision) rhinoplasty.

Problems are increased because of the changed state of the nose after a first, second or third rhinoplasty.

Why? Scar tissue is difficult to work with and some of the internal anatomy of the nose may be missing.

But there is a way: if your nose only has humps or other unpleasing marks on the outside and you need no internal nasal surgery, a shorter, less expensive method is using injection rhinoplasty. Plus, the repairs can be permanent.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Revision by Dr. Robert Kotler
Left: Young athlete has a deviated septum and two failed rhinoplasties.
his nose shape was restored using only non-surgical rhinoplasty.
Many cosmetic plastic surgeons offer injection rhinoplasty but use facial fillers that dissolve back into the body.

Solution? Only offered in several places in the United States, permanent injection rhinoplasty uses medical-grade silicone, long FDA-approved and even approved for use inside the human eye.

The technique of permanent injection rhinoplasty injects micro-droplets just under the skin of a defect. The body then walls off the silicone droplets with a natural barrier, plumping up depressed places. The filling is done layer-by-layer at six week intervals, with a bit more added if the depressed area needs it. Most patients require three to five office sessions to complete the process.

In much of cosmetic facial surgery, surgeons make sure doctor and patient are on the same page by using computer imaging that starts with a current picture and generates the most likely, predicted surgery.

Saline (Salt-Water) Demo
Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Revision by Dr. Robert Kotler- Part 2 To demonstrate results of permanent silicone injections

Left: Before saline injection to raise bridge of nose.
Right: After saline injection to raise bridge of nose.
Otherwise, if surgical rhinoplasty is performed to improve imperfections on the outside of the nose, the surgeon must add tissue, taken from the ear, the nose, ribs, or perhaps even the skull.

But those additions might shrink or become softer during healing so plastic surgeons are never absolutely sure how the nose will look later after healing.

Is it not best to judge the look of the nose after the test saline injections?

What about the cost of a non-surgical injection nose job?

Here's a rough rule of thumb: write down the cost of your first nose job and then call several cosmetic plastic surgeons and write down those charges. Then, average the three. With whatever cost you come up, deduct 80 percent. Yes, 80 percent less! That figure is approximately your final cost of non-surgical, permanent rhinoplasty.

What about time away from the job?

The injections only take minutes in the office. Then, you wait six weeks to see how much plumping has taken place. If you need more, you'll have additional injections and wait another six weeks so that you and the plastic surgeon can gauge the results.

Pain is not an issue because, prior to the injection session, the skin of the nose is numbed with a prescription anesthetic ointment formulated just for, well, skin.

And safety? Permanent, injection rhinoplasty has a 50-year safety track, good results and has gone through some serious testing.

Read more about the science and testing that backs up permanent, non-surgical injection rhinoplasty.

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