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Thanks for stopping in to see us. We're here to help educate you, to teach you so that wherever you live, you too can have the same top quality cosmetic surgery that most (but obviously not all) Hollywood celebrities have right here. This site is important to you because choosing a cosmetic surgeon and procedure is not simple. When it comes to your appearance, you want to be sure. You do not want to have regrets. You want to do it right the first time. This site's mission is to teach you to discriminate between superior and substandard results and to recognize the credentials and qualifications of the most skilled practitioners. Anybody considering revision rhinoplasty should know what to expect from a consultation and be armed with as much information as possible concerning the surgeon's background, his training and his experience. Also important is the type of support staff that the surgeon has both within the office and in the operating room.

Obviously, you are not happy with the appearance of your nose. You were hoping that the initial operation or operations would have been better and would have satisfied you. And now you may be a bit confused because you thought you made the right decision in terms of the surgeon and the procedure before your first previous surgeries.

I understand that. After all, in my 31 years of private practice and having performed over 4,000 nasal surgeries in my military and civilian career, I have consulted with many patients who are unhappy with their original nasal surgery.

This may or may not be of some consolation to you, but understand that we all make mistakes in some decisions and sometimes even when decisions are properly made, there are unanticipated consequences and circumstances that may visit us. It is no different with rhinoplasty. Even the best surgeons may have some imperfect results; and despite good homework, sometimes the patient does not choose the surgeon with the most experienced training and expertise.

Our web site is written for those who want straight talk. Come with me on this journey of learning and I will help you understand the issues that should be important to you which will allow you to make a better decision with respect to who should perform the surgery, what type of surgery should be done and under what circumstances.

One of the key issues that you have probably come to understand is that the more specialized the plastic surgeon, the more likely the optimal result is obtained. It may have been that your original operation or operations were performed by surgeons who had particular expertise in other arenas of cosmetic plastic surgery such as breast augmentation or liposuction but that noses were not either the major portion of their practice or an area in which they had the expert training and experience that you would have hoped for.

Our practice is focused on rhinoplasty, both primary and revision. Seventy-five percent of the cases done in my practice today are nose cases. I might also tell you that we are currently seeing the highest percentage ever of patients, at consultation, who are unhappy with their nose surgery, either because of appearance and/or breathing, than we ever have.

Because we are a superspecialist practice, it is not likely that your type of problem has not been seen in this office before. With that in mind, join me now on a tour of our website so that your education and understanding of rhinoplasty, septoplasty and turbinate resection - the primary procedures in nose surgery - will be enhanced.

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