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Read Dr. Kotler's wise advice as the BodyDocBlogger in weekley postings at There, Dr. Kotler contributes as the ultimate Facial Cosmetic Surgeon insider with unique and heretofore unavailable takes on the news, trends, personalities and leading practices in cosmetic plastic surgery.

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PSP Magazine

5W Report

W Magazine

5W Report

Pasadena Magazine

5W Report

Dr. Kotler was voted the 'Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon'

People Magazine April 2010

People Magazine
Teenage Plastic Surgery

Bottom Line Personal February 2009

Bottom Line Personal
How to keep your family safe! - You can evaluate cosmetic surgeons online.

W Magazine February 2009

W Magazine
Dr. Kotler discusses the risks of having sex immediately after having cosmetic surgery.

Cosmopolitan February 2009

Cosmopolitan's "25 Wacky Questions About Plastic Surgery"

Plastic Surgery Practice January 2009

Plastic Surgery Practice
Patient satisfaction is key! - Robert Kotler, MD, FACS, on how improving customer service can yield prosperity

Personal Journal December 2008

Personal Journal
Health - Keeping up cosmetic appearances.

Los Angeles Times April 2008

Los Angeles Times
Cosmetic surgery business hits bump.

Chicago Social February 2007

California Style
Saving Face! - As plastic surgery zealots push the limits of natural appearance, doctors keep dreaming up techniques to meet their demands.

Chicago Social 2007

Chicago Social
The doctor's in the house! - Plastic surgeon Robert Kotler is an artist with a scalpel!

InTouch January 2007

Ashlee's talking about more plastic surgery! - At least one star says no to plastic surgery!

Bottome Line Personal

Cosmetic Surgery Times
Dr. Kotler discusses the importance of patient education


Dr. Kotler Discusses Teenage Cosmetic Surgery

In Touch Weekly

In Touch Weekly
Dr. Kotler Comments On Speculation That Anna Nicole Smith had Cosmetic Surgery

Us Weekly

Us Weekly
Dr. Kotler Comments On Lindsay Lohan's Breasts

Bottom Line Personal

Bottom Line Personal
Dr. Kotler Discusses What You Should Know About Face Lifts

Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic Dermatology
Book Review Of Secrets Of A Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Magazine
Dr. Kotler's Book, Secrets Of A Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Mentioned

Smart Money

Smart Money
Dr. Kotler, Dr. Kotler Discusses 10 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Won't Tell You

Town and Country

Town & Country
Dr. Kotler's book, Secrets Of A Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Mentioned

USA Weekend

USA Weekend
Dr. Kotler's Book, Secrets Of A Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Mentioned And Dr. Kotler Speculates On Which Celebrities May Have Had Cosmetic Surgery


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Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon
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The Essential Cosmetic Surgery Companion
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