Revision Rhinoplasty Costs in Beverly Hills

One of the things that I have observed is that high fees don't necessarily guarantee superior results and low fees are not necessarily a bargain. Cosmetic surgeon charges are based on their own criteria. Some deliberately set high fees to attract more affluent patients. Others have unusually low fees in an effort to attract a larger number of patients who tend to make their selection of a doctor based on price rather than experience or talent. Somewhere in the middle tends to be the proper fee, in my opinion.

Now remember that the fees can be determined by external factors such as the location. It costs more money to practice in Beverly Hills than it does in Springfield, Illinois. Rents and wages are higher. So, one needs to take these variables into account. One of the more significant issues is whether or not the surgeon is charging a higher fee because he spends more time doing the operation. At its extreme, the fees become very high and are reflective of a surgeon who may be spending more time in the operating room than might be spent by another surgeon.

In my experience, the most talented and experienced surgeons, the superspecialists, are capable of performing revision cosmetic nasal surgery in Beverly Hills including functional surgery such as septoplasty and turbinate resection in an hour and a half or less. When I hear stories of four to six hour revision rhinoplasties in Hollywood I ask myself: "What could the surgeon possibly be doing besides taking a break and going out for a long lunch?" Surgeons who have that long run of experience and talent don't dilly dally, they get to the point, they are quick in the execution of the maneuvers and understand that it is important to do the operation efficiently – not necessarily quickly for speed, but knowing that as time goes on, swelling and bleeding increase the burden upon the surgeon, can compromise the result and certainly can prolong the postoperative course.

So, you may find yourself paying too much for a less talented surgeon doing revision rhinoplasty in Los Angeles because he just takes too long and believes in charging by the hour and not for his talent and experience.

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